Indian Non GMO Soyabean Meal (Hi-pro)

Indian Non GMO Soyabean Meal (Hi-pro)

Soybean meal suppliers

Kohinoor Feeds and Fats Pvt. Ltd. are reckoned as a prime Soybean Meal Suppliers in India. Soya Meal is widely used to add protein in diet of the animals. Used in swine and poultry rations, Soybean Meals are demanded by cattle and poultry farms. Additionally, we assure that Soybean Meals are packed in airtight packaging material, keeping them free from moisture.

Contents Parameters
Protein Basis 50.00%, Acceptable up to 49.00% with 1:1 rebate

4.00% Max. Acceptable up to 4.50 % with 1:1 rebate

Sand/Silica 1.00% Max. Acceptable up to 1.50 % with 1:1 rebate
Fat 1.5% Max.
Moisture Basis 12.00% Acceptable up to 12.50% with 1:1 rebate
Urease Activity Max. 0.30 units Acceptable up to 0.50 with 1:1 rebate
Aflatoxin 50 PPB Max.