Indian Rapeseed Meal

Indian Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed meal suppliers

We are engaged in offering quality rapeseed meal to some of the best vendors and continue to serve our customers with unflinching commitment for quality standards leading to complete customer satisfaction. We continue to drive innovation and strengthen ties with producers of agricultural product and Farmers, thereby are identified as one of prominent Rapeseed Meal Suppliers in India.

Rapeseed meal contains approximately 40% of protein Max which rates among the nutritionally best plant proteins.For Monogastric diets, it has better amino acid balance than Soybean Meal. Rapeseed has been linked with adverse effects in asthma and hay fever sufferers. Rapeseed is the third most important source of vegetable oil in the world, after soybean and palm oil. Kohinoor Feeds and Fats Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading rapeseed meal suppliers in India.

Product Specification

Contents Parameters
Oil & Protein Basis 38.00%, Acceptable up to 37.00%with 1:1 rebate
Fibre 12.00% Max. Acceptable up to 14.00 % with 1:1 rebate
Sand/Silica 2.50% Max. Acceptable up to 3.00 % with 1:1 rebate
Moisture Basis 10.00% Acceptable up to 11.00% with 1:1 rebate.