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Crude Soyabean Oil

Crude soyabean oil is a vegetable oil that still needs to be refined. Kohinoor Feeds and Fats Ltd. is one of the leading crude soyabean oil suppliers in India. We offer both Crude and refined Soyabean oil in a bulk. The crude soyabean oil appears to be pale yellow in colour and possess a free flowing consistency. Crude oil is pure but inedible Soyabean oil. The majority of the free fatty acids and gums naturally present in are removed by hydration and mechanical or physical separation. We are leading crude soyabean oil suppliers in India. We perform many oil tests like Argemone, Mineral, Cottonseed and Castor oil tests all leading to negative.

Product Specification

Moisture Volatile & Insoluble Matter0.50 Max
Free Fatty Acid1.00 Max
Color in ¼” Cell40.0 Max
Refractive Index At 40 0C1.4649-1.4710
Iodine Value (WIJ’s Method )120-141
Flash Point>120c
Argemone Oil TestNegative
Mineral Oil TestNegative
Cottonseed Oil TestNegative
Castor Oil TestNegative
Saponification Value189-195