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Soyabean Refined Oil

Soyabean Oil is a form of vegetable oil that is extracted from the seeds of soyabean. It is one of the most widely used vegetable oil in the world as soyabeans are one of the most widely cultivated and utilized plants. Kohinoor feeds & Fats Ltd. stands out for its purity as an soyabean refined oil manufacturers in India. 

Soyabean oil is considered a healthy oil because of its good variety of essential fatty acids that the body needs to remain healthy. It contains Omega-3 Fatty acids & other fatty acids like stearic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acid which can reduce dangerous cholesterol levels. Hence, Soyabean Oil decreases the chance of heart attacks and strokes. We care for you and offer refined soyabean oil. Kohinoor feeds & Fats Ltd. are one of the leading soyabean refined  oil manufacturers in India. Drop us your email to buy our product.

Product Specification

Contents          Parameters
R.I. at 40 Degree Celcius1.4669
Color in 5 ¼ V Cell Y+5R6 Units
MIV %0.018%
Peroxide Value0.20 Mequ./Kg
Iodine Value130.57
Halphan TestNegative
Argemone Oil TestNegative
Castor Oil TestNegative
Mineral Oil TestNegative
Sp.Gra. at 30 Degree Celcius0.910
Flash Point270 Degee Celcius